Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Being Scared

Time to write another post. Fall is almost here even though the leaves are not turning colors yet. Ryan and Kevin are enjoying school. Nate just turned 4 years old. He is a cute, talking, fun boy.

Our summer was nice, full of adventure and quite different. No more grandma and grandpa to visit. Many times this summer I wished they were around so I could ask them about this or that. But God provided other relatives that I never met before. Second cousins, third cousins. I love to meet them and it was fun for our boys to meet their 3rd cousins this way too.

Being scared is a topic we talked a lot about recently. As we traveled this summer in the RV  we stayed overnight in a forest. With no electricity around everything was so dark. Kevin was the one who called from his bed :"mom are you here? What is that noise?" I learned how much kids need protection and to know that you are there to protect them. The world around them is too big and scary. I think its the same way with us. How assuring it is to know that God is with us. We can face even the darkest nights.

Coming back home Kevin had a scary dream one night. So he called me to come and stay with him. But then the next night he came crying after i put him in bed because he was afraid to sleep because what if "i will have another bad dream". So we talked about God being with us, caring for us and protecting us. We prayed together and I assured him that we are here anytime if he needs us in the night.

Of course little Nate heard all of this so he started to come in the night telling me that he needs to sleep with us because he is scared. I put up with him for 3 nights then I realized that he is not having any scary dreams but he is trying a new strategy. So I told him that he can't come in our bed to sleep in the middle of the night. I came to him, prayed with him, kissed him again. He wasn't very happy so after 2 more nights decided that it was not that fun for me to come to him so he stopped even calling me.

A couple of days ago Nate said: "Mom when we have scary dreams and are really scared we can call you, true?

"yes, true".

Nate: "when we are really, really scared than we can come and sleep with you?"

"yes if it is a very scary dream than you can come and sleep with me"

Nate: "Why is daddy so scared every night?"

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