Monday, April 14, 2014

Prayer request update and mission opportunity

Our neighborhood yard sale was a great time to meet some neighbors. We handed out some fliers for an Art of Marriage meeting at our home, but so far no one responded.

We went to Carei, Romania over the weekend to visit a couple who had been at our MC2 training. The visit went well, but others in this brethren church are cautious about starting new groups that could become churches. Their little assembly of 20 fills the upper room available. It is not growing. They could be starting many groups around the town.

Our Polish University ministry has a need for Americans to come and help with an English Camp (called SpeakOut) this summer.  I wanted to write to tell you about this opportunity and see if you know someone who would be interested in coming over to be a part of this summer missions project.  We participated in SpeakOut Hungary for a month last summer and know that it is very effective in reaching students. Here are some of the important details:

What:  Serving primarily as a tutor at ‘SpeakOut’ - English camp in Poland. Here is the link with information: 

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