Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ryan the Encyclopedia

Ryan came to us after breakfast to show us how much iron and calcium there is in oatmeal, referencing our "Family Health Guide and Medical Encyclopedia". This was because I ate his egg and Mom complained about him missing out on calcium.

Now he is trying to convince me that a gallon is really closer to 5 liters than 4. So I typed "Convert 1 gallon to liters" into my chrome browser and it said 3.78. His book the Usborne Illustrated Encyclopedia says 4.55 liters. What gives?

It turns out that there are several different types of gallons. Google is talking about the standard US liquid gallon, the type we use for gas. Ryan's book is talking about Brittish Imperial gallons. There is yet another gallon, a US dry gallon is 1.03 Imperial gallons.  So now you know!

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