Monday, July 8, 2013

Close Calls

It is good to know people are praying for us. We recently had some close calls that could have drastically changed our lives and this month of ministry at Speak Out. On Friday the 5th of July we had a day off from the Speak Out project, went home, and got a new scooter for Ryan as an early birthday present. I asked Kevin (born 08/08/08) to get a sharp knife from the kitchen to help in taking off the zip-ties. Kevin never walks anywhere. So he came running back with a sharp knife and just as he got to me he tripped and landed on top of me. We all caught our breath, and I started to check to see who was bleeding and how bad it was. Kevin was shook up. He was holding his throat, but there was no blood.

That night Luiza was awakened by moaning. She is a light sleeper and often checks on kids during the night, since they often get uncovered. She found Kevin hanging by his neck from the top bunk. His whole body had slipped through the railing, except for his head which did not fit. He was not awake. Luiza pushed his body up through the railing. He said he was OK, but did not remember the incident the next day. Luiza didn't wake me but with all of the adrenalin could not sleep for a long time. Kevin could not yell for help and is not strong enough to rescue himself. He would probably have been dead by morning.

Without God's protection in both of these situations our lives would have changed dramatically and it would also have ended our participation in this Speak Out project. It seems unlikely these two incidents are coincidence. It is more likely that this is part of spiritual warfare. Thank you for standing with us at this time. If you were prompted to pray for us on the 5th, let us know.

Our current challenge in the family is Nathan. He keeps leaving the grounds where we are meeting and going outside the gate. Today he knew where his mother was working on email, but left again and I found him where we are staying a block or two away, crying at our gate. I gave him another spanking today, but it is hard to watch him every minute.

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