Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Yesterday was a long day. We had 3 different families who helped with the boys while we spent the day at the hospital. It was good that Dennis was there and not in Manila. I had contractions for about 24 hours so we were in a hurry. But we took the tram rather than try to drive in the center of Budapest and park. We wisely avoided the outpatient line and went straight to the emergency/delivery door.

They couldn't find a heart beat for my little boy. (I was 27 week along)  They took me in at the emergency and they started the birth process. It was painful and not that rewarding as I knew that at the end I will not be able to hold a baby in my arms. It hurts that we will not see our little Cade growing up.

We heard a lot of screaming from another woman down the hall. It was very painful. The nurse said I was only 4cm and I thought how much more can I endure. Then a few minutes later I told them, "I think he is out." Sure enough. They covered him and whisked him away. I said, "I want to see him." "Why?" They are probably used to doing a lot of abortions after genetic screenings indicate a possible defect. So they try not to show the mother the "fetus" and quickly put her under anesthesia for the curettage. He was tiny, very red, but perfect in all aspects.

It was nice to share a room with another woman who was going through a similar experience. After the ordeal she pulled back the curtain and we got acquainted with Adriana with her limited English and our few words of Hungarian. She has two girls ages 7 and 4 and was there with her boyfriend whose name is Christian. We learned that you are supposed to bring your own towel, bathrobe, mug, and silverware. We were able to give her a Magdalena DVD and our written testimonies in Hungarian. Dennis asked if she believed in God. She said, "Yes and No". That seems to fit most Hungarians.

Communication was a challenge at points. We thought we were waiting to see an obgyn before checking out. I waited for almost 3 hours in a chair. They didn't have a free bed for me in the hospital. When I begged to be able to go home and sleep in my own bed, the intern went to check with her boss. "No we can't let you leave. But we can send you to the gynecology floor and you can just go missing." So we did, signing a paper that they released me upstairs and that I am missing. We need to go back today and finish the paper work. At least I don't need to pay money under the table to the doctor because I never had a doctor assigned to my case.

Thank you again for your prayers. Sad that our surprise pregnancy didn't turn out as we hoped and prayed for.

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