Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prayer and Vitamins

We backed out of the amniocenteses  We were both shocked at the cost. At a state hospital where an ultrasound costs $15, this procedure is $1000 cash. Since we both decided not to kill the baby regardless of genetic defects, we realized this is a lot of money to spend on curiosity.

There were about 20 or 30 other women lined up for the procedure however. It seems to be very popular here. So we waited to meet with a genetics doctor and clarify why we were choosing no genetics test. He agreed that the main purpose of the test is to provide information for choosing to terminate the pregnancy.

Luiza is pretty sure the low amniotic fluid is a placenta problem anyway, not genetic because there are usually other indications. So then we waited to be assigned a doctor in the outpatient  line. We prayed for someone who spoke good English, younger, easy to work with. God provided a nice young woman who is doing her residency. She asked a lot of good questions and put it in Luiza's records. Then she suggested that Luiza stay at the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy. What?! We couldn't believe it, 17 weeks!? "Well we need to suggest this. You realize that your pregnancy is high risk and you may lose the baby in the next few weeks." "Yes." "OK, sign here. Then you will need to come every week for an ultrasound and doctor visit." "OK"

So we are back to square one. This little guy still needs prayer. We stopped at Tesco for prenatal vitamins. Luiza will try to take it easy and get lots of rest and liquids.

My plan is to fly to Manila May 20-30th. If you would be available for an emergency trip to the hospital with Luiza while I am gone, please let us know.

Thanks to Rahela, Yulia, and Dana for helping with kids today.

Thanks to Nan Green and Etah for dinners.

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