Monday, May 13, 2013

It was stressful

Update: Thank you for praying. It was stressful. We almost hit a car a block from home, got lost going to the hospital, struggled to make sense of the confusion of the waiting line procedures at the hospital, but the news is not so bleak. Luiza left encouraged.

It started with trying to find the right door and to get in line to be asked to come in and fill out forms with the genetics administrator, then wait in another line to pay, then back to show your receipt of payment, then another for your number to be flashed on the screen by the ultrasound door, then take the paperwork back to the first door, then wait for the genetics secretary to call you into a smaller hall to wait to be called in by the genetics doctor. Husbands are not allowed into any of this activity except the last consultation. So being a good CCC staff person I read Worldwide Challenge while I waited.

We got a younger genetics doctor than expected and he seemed pretty sharp. He was puzzled by the small size, lack of amniotic fluid, but said otherwise the baby looked healthy. He measures only 19 weeks but should be 23 or 25. So because of our ages he wanted to do an amniocentesis to screen for 3 genetic disorders on Wednesday, then meet to discuss results next Thursday. He didn't see any point to make any other prognosis or decisions until then.

For those who want to use this hospital, be prepared for a coed WC, and don't forget to bring your own TP.

This made 3 ultrasounds in 6 days. In reviewing the ultrasound measurements it looks like the baby grew over the weekend by 10mm.  We can keep praying for him to catch up on growth and especially for more amniotic fluid. The amniocentesis has some risk and Luiza will need 48 hours of bed-rest afterwards. Well, she will try.

Thanks to the Conways who helped with the kids!

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