Friday, October 12, 2012

Answered prayers

Ryan is experiencing some amazing answers to prayers. We prayed a lot with our boys and with them but I want to encourage them to pray on their own.

One of the videos from the library got lost from his class to the library. We searched the home, the class and the library. Ryan looked in the “lost and found box” at the school. We asked his teacher. Nothing. It seems that the video disappeared.
Ryan decided that he need to pray for this problem "God you see everything. You know where the video is. You know where it is lost. Can you please help me to find it". The next day as I dropped Ryan to school I decided to stop by the library. The moment I stepped in the Librarian told me. Guess what! I just found the video that was missing. It was on the same shelf where the video are. It is a mystery as both of us searched those shelves couple of times and it wasn’t there.

As we were talking in the evening about the way God answered his prayer, Ryan told me "one more thing we still need to pray for: my watch. It is true that his watch was missing since we came back from the summer in US.  I remembered that I asked him at the Budapest airport what time was as we were waiting for our luggage. But since then no watch was to be found anywhere in the house. Ryan says so “I think is my time to pray for it now. God thank you for helping me to find the video. Now can you please help me to find my watch. You know how much I like it."
This morning the taxi came to take Dennis to the airport and the driver gave me Ryan's watch saying: I think this is yours. It has been a whole month in my car.

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