Friday, May 25, 2012

Too easily satisfied? What are you looking forward to?

Kevin has been talking a lot about going to 'Merica.
Today on our way across Budapest Luiza asked Kevin age 3: What are you looking forward to visiting in America?"
His answer: Toilets. Why? I need to go peepee. 
What else do you want to do in America? Answer: Watch TV
We laughed. Kevin hasn't been to the US in 2 years and doesn't really remember it or have any idea of what awaits him there. It is not his fault that his ambitions and dreams are toilets. That is like our view of heaven. We have no concept of what awaits us there. We just are thinking of the next 5 minutes in the here and now. Eternity with a God who paid such a price for us? We have no frame of reference.

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