Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lame Excuses

Today I taught Sunday School for middle school, ages 13-14. It has been over 30 years. Luiza helped me get ready and prepare a few games to get acquainted. The name game helped a lot to learn 18 names, most of them new to me. They were quite good at participating not only in the games, but in reading the Bible and discussion.

  We talked about "Lame Excuses", people in the Bible who made excuses, and Luke 14 and the lame excuses people made for not coming to God's party.  Our priorities show not just in choosing to come when the kingdom is ready and offered but by our daily choices to step aside and meet with our king. When we came to application one girl suggested we could be more like God and invite the poor and the outsider.

  It was amazing when we came to prayer requests that at least half the class had family members outside the country. One boy's father is returning from South America, another boy's father is headed to Boston to be with a sick daughter studying there, another boy has 3 siblings studying in the US, one girl and her family are returning to Kiev this week, several kids had parents in Moldova. What a group!

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