Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 out of 5

I woke up not in the great mood. I didn’t sleep too well last night…let’s say that I didn’t sleep well for a week due to sick kids. It started on Friday night with a baby throwing up. After couple of attempts to clean up the crib I decided that keeping in the bathroom was the safest place. So I spend the night holding a baby in the bathroom. I put him down in the morning and in the next 5 minutes he was doing what he did most of the night.  He was doing well the next day and wanted to eat everything so I had another battle now, how to explain to a toddler that he can’t eat what he wants.

 Tuesday was already hard trying to get out of the door with 3 kids to get Ryan to school. Dennis left already for an outreach. Of course just before we were out the door the baby decided that it is a great time to use his diaper. Should I change it or not? My first thought was “no way” then I remember that we just got over an odious diaper rash that made Nate cry every time you changed him. Every time you tried to wipe him he will bleed. So I changed my mind and  I did the “dirty job”. Anyway we left the house 7 minutes before the school start.  Thankfully no police stopped me so I made it on time.  
Tuesday baby seems healthy so it is a good time for the immunization shot. I drove to the doctor and here are 15 people waiting in line.  I decided to wait but after 35 minutes she didn’t even started to take anyone. Kevin is asking me nonstop when we go in. I  am calculating 10 min/person x 15 =150 minutes…2 hours to wait. Impossible to entertain these 2 kids for such a long time. So I decided to leave and I will come 30 minutes before she will finish her schedule. Get to the car is another ordeal and I lost Nathan cute coat. I went back but I never find it. Got home , fed the boys , put the baby down for a nap. At 1.30 he is up. Great  I thought we run to the doctor again. I am there and Dennis is calling me that he is feeling very bad and will come home by bus. I can’t come to pick him as I have just one person in front of me in the line now.  Just arrived home and Dennis came couple of minutes later and he has the stomach bug.  Good,  put 2 kids in the car again and go and pick up Ryan from school, so Dennis can go lay down. At school Ryan is upset. His stomach hurts. I prayed all the way in the car that he will not give me a car to clean now. Prayers answered! We made home on time. But I have another one now sick through the night. I slept very little again and Ryan is up and feeling pretty good on Wednesday.

Wednesday night the baby was up 3 times crying. I am guessing he is not feeling well and I am hoping it is from the shot. This morning I just got him up from the bed and he is throwing up. I am tired and already frustrated. I feel that I don’t want to attend anyone needs today. I just want to crawl in bed and sleep. Now I have 3 sickies out of 5. (When my kids are sick the favorite person to hold them is…MOM and MOM only)

As I was holding the baby I got my heart to calm down. I had the day map out and this is a change in plans. I like to do what I plan and I don’t like suddenly changes. But it gives me a chance to trust God and let him use my weakness.  This is amazing about our relationship with God. When we feel weak and go to Him and ask for strength He will supply for us. I made it through the day and I had fun. I even fell asleep for 40 minutes.  Tonight Nate is full of love. Ryan still has a tummy ache, Kevin is going back and forth that his stomach hurt and then in 5 minutes it is not hurting. I don’t know what is he truth here.
Ready to go to bed…tomorrow is another day in which God will give me the strength I need. For this I am so thankful!

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