Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring is coming

Today is a beautiful spring day 52F. I woke up at 5.30am  as I have 3 early birds in my family who take turns in waking me up. Dennis is gone to Bulgaria as he will take the responsibility for the church ministry in that country.
Life is pretty busy on my end. Dennis is gone a lot and my 3 cute boys are keeping me busy.
Ryan is enjoying school – minus the recess time some days as he complain of not having friends to play with. 

Kevin is my little ball of energy and words. He is bouncing through the house and talking a storm.

Nathan is a cute little negotiator. He knows very well how to be sweet and smile to get what he wants. 

Recently we moved Kevin in the room with Nathan. It was quite hard as Kevin felt rejected because Ryan didn’t wanted to share the room with him anymore. Anyway took us some time to get the youngest two adjusted together but this was a smart move.  I think is hard on Kevin being not the oldest not the youngest. Now he is sleeping on top of the bunk bed so he is the biggest boy in this room.

I am doing well.  I miss my dad but I remind myself every day that we are just pilgrims on this earth and out true home is the Heaven.
I will update later as I have 2 boys here begging me to go outside to play football. I know that some of you are calling it soccer but I still stick with the football name as you use your foot in this game to kick the ball so foot – ball ---I think it is a better name:-)

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