Thursday, December 22, 2011

Draw near to God and He will...

We are content to be having a quiet Christmas at home in Hungary.
We just watched “The King’s Speech” last night and enjoyed it.
We listened to Bill Hybels online about the nearness of God in our lives.
Luiza and her mother Luminitsa are making Cozonac with walnuts.
Our three boys are napping, and so are Luiza’s brother Robert and sister-in-law Gabi.
Before falling asleep Luiza and I are enjoying reading “Heaven is for Real”.

I am helping our Russian leaders finalize proposals for JESUS film projects for next year so that people in the US can raise funding for this. It is a time of winter, a time to remember the past harvest and trust God for a rich harvest to come. This short video is a great encouragement in that regard, reminding us of what God has done. Thank you for your part.

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