Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 months

I missed updating our blog. I didn’t feel like do it. I feel that my life changed dramatically in the last 2 months. The last entry in my blog was couple of days before my parents left. They were here with us when my dad started to be very sleepy. We notice after 1 week a slight left foot dragging. The first doctor here said it is just a virus but as he didn’t improve in 5 days we thought that it is better to go home to be able to investigate better in their own language. I was concerned that my dad had a stroke which was what the doctors in Romania said. He went to hospital got better and he was released home.

Two weeks later he suddenly got worse, couldn’t move his left arm and foot. Got back to the hospital and the doctors were puzzled why he is worse now. More investigation was done but none could bring the answers. Then a second MRI showed a brain tumor of 4 cm that wasn’t there 3 weeks before. We were puzzled and very discouraged when we went to see 4 neurosurgeons and all said the same thing. It is not possible to have a surgery because it is at the basal nuclei the tumor. Not even  a biopsy and because it seems a fast growing tumor “we think it is malign”.  Today it is 1 month since we heard about his tumor. He declined fast..unable to sit, unable to walk, unable to eat this evening or drink… I am in shock as the rest of my family. I am not sure what tomorrow is holding…Please just pray for us...

Here is Nathan 1 year birthday. I went to visit my parents at the beginning of this month.  Here is a picture with my dear dad and Nate.

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