Friday, July 1, 2011

Weeks of sickness

We still have more than 2 weeks till Dennis come back. It seems he is gone for a LONG LONG time. I miss him a lot. I miss his smile, his laugh, his hugs, his companion throughout the days. The boys are missing him a lot and I can see Nathan is missing him deeply. Yesterday at the pool he saw a man tall and dark hair like Dennis so he crawled to him and hang on his arm. When he turned he realized was not daddy so he let him go but his face dropped.
We kept busy here.
I took Ryan to swimming lessons. He was very good and tried his best. He never complained that he doesn’t want to go back. But yesterday he told me “I am glad that this is the last time”.
I am not sure what he learned as the teacher didn’t speak English and he was with other 12-15 hungarian kids. The interesting part was that I took Ryan to the dressing room and I never could go to see what he was doing in the swimming class. Parents are not allow to step in the pool room. So all the parents said goodbyes to their children in the dressing room and one of the pool employees come and take all of them to the class and after 1 hour they will bring your child back. You don’t even have a chance to talk with the teacher.  I am glad that is over too. We will try to do some swimming on our own when the weather is turning back to summer. It is 56F right now, windy and rainy.

Since Dennis left we got one sickness after the other.  Nathan was sick. He got a rash on his body. As my parents were here I decided to take him to the doctor as I didn’t want to contaminate everybody else. I thought that he has the fifth disease (one of the childhood illness). Ryan got it from the school and had it in the last weeks of school. I went to the doctor (the one who saw Ryan when he was sick) and she told me no Nathan has just an allergic reaction. To what? She didn’t know. We stopped all the solids and went back to nursing exclusively. Somehow the same night Nathan got stomach flu. So I didn’t sleep all night trying not “to paint” our carpet. The bad part was that my parents got the bug. I decided to do something fun for the boys on Sunday afternoon as my parents were feeling bad. We decided to go for a picnic, to fly a kite and then for an ice cream treat . I took all 3 boys and headed for a hill. Thank the Lord that I decided to go closer not on far away drive. We arrived, started to  hike and Kevin was telling me that he wants to go back home because he needs a bathroom . We tried to fly a kite but it was no wind anymore, so I told Ryan lets go back to the car. Kevin is very pale by now but he wants to go and walk more. So we decided to walk till a little meadow . We just arrived and Kevin is collapsing on the ground . I just turned for a second thinking to put Nathan down in the grass too, when Kevin is starting to throw up.  So we stayed a little longer there as I didn’t want to clean the car. Ryan is sad now because our plans for the evening are all “messed up”. I drove home as fast as I could praying that Kevin will not have any accidents in the car. Ryan is quite emotional by now, he is upset but he is also fearful. (He got scared seeing little Nathan throwing up. “Mom he is so small. Please don’t let him die. Please do something for him”)
We got Kevin in bed with a bucket near by, and then I had a date with Ryan. We went up on the balcony and had a little of “daddy ice cream”. (“We still saved some for you Dennis”).

Of course Nathan has the fifth disease. He got the red checks and the lacy rash. And guess what…Kevin is getting it too now. The rash can last for 3 weeks so just before Dennis is coming back we will be over it.

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The Røsviks said...

Dear Luiza, oh how I feel for's hard enough when the kids are sick while daddy is home, but it's so much more difficult when he is gone. I will be praying for you and the boys in the next two weeks, that the Lord will be your strength. Much love from Norway!