Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer with 3 boys

A lot of people from here asked me Why I didn’t go with Dennis to the US? How am I doing here by myself with 3 kids? Isn’t hard? Wasn’t better to go with him?
I think I answered those question many, many times these past 5 weeks? So I decided to post here my answers.

I went to US just before Nathan was born. We stayed in 13 houses in 10 weeks. It was very hard. I never unpack. We just scrambled through he clothes and when you couldn’t find them well you start packing again. It was exhausting for me and the kids. We were on the move every week at least once which made so hard to connect with people in one place. 
Also Dennis’s parents health doesn’t allow them to have so much noise. We have 3 boys and they are healthy, normal, energetic boys who need plenty of time to run and play to burn all that extra energy. Trying to keep them quiet in a room or at the meals to sit down for 1 hour or longer surrounded by people in their 70 or 80 it is not a realistic option. 
Also I know that it is easier for Dennis to focus on his parents if he doesn’t need to take care of us. Also made it easier to meet with ministry partners, speak in churches. To try to get 3 kids in the car in the morning and to arrive at the church at least half hour earlier to be ready for your talk and without any frustration that one kids couldn’t find his blue car, the other doesn’t want to wear sandals and you couldn’t find the baby sippy cup -it seems a dream.
Also on my side was easier- keeping the boys here with the same routine, having time to play with them, going  to different places not in hurry, having time to talk and enjoy a more relaxed summer was worthy. My parents also came but they needed to leave earlier as my dad got sick.
So how do I do being here with 3 kids? I think we had a lot of fun. It wasn’t easy as the boys are still small almost 6, almost 3 and 9 month. They still need help with food, clothes, baths, going to bed. But we enjoyed a lot of time together. I was looking forward to be with them as summer is relaxing with no school and no deadlines. We went to library every week, we read on average 15 books/week, we played soccer, we wrestled, we splashed with water, we had picnics, we went to playgrounds, we meet with friends, we went shopping from food to hardware stores (at least I had 2 future men with me so I wasn’t like a woman lost in a wrong store), we went to mall in a super hot day, we played games, watch some movies, and the highlight for the boys was a trip to the Budapest Zoo.

It is an amazing place. I went by myself with 3 kids and Ryan and Kevin walked all day form 11 am till 7 pm. They enjoyed a lot and didn’t want to leave. They close at 7.30pm. We saw so many animals, birds, butterflies, insects, snakes etc. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

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