Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Buni!

On June 30th we had the joy to celebrate Buni (Grandma)’s Birthday. Ryan was the most excited about her birthday. He asked me couple of day before how old Buni is. I told that she will be 60, 10 times his age. He said: “Wow that is some age I think. When you (mom) will be 60 you will be a grandma too and you will come and visit me. I will be a dad and that time too.” Anyway on the 30th morning I told Ryan that we should say to Buni Happy Birthday when she is coming in the kitchen. Ryan told that Buni is still 59 she is not 60 yet. How come I asked? “She is still 59 till she is blowing the candles from the cake. When you blow the candles from the cake than you change your age but not before.” So till lunch when I planed to have the cake she was still 59.
We went to a Mall with my parents and the boys enjoyed the water fountain. He boys helped to pick some flowers… “golden said Ryan… like Buni age”.” The pink and white one are for little girls but that ones are for real people”.
Buni blowed the candles, not 60 pieces as Ryan wanted so she indeed turned 60. Happy Birthday dear Buni! Happy Birthday and may the Lord give you many, many more happy years my dear mom!

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