Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July

July 4th passed different for us here than for Dennis who is in US. Ryan was in a bad mood as he pleaded with me for a whole week that we should go to the US for America’s birthday. He wanted to go to a parade and here it is no parade. One of the American couple had us over together with other 50 people. It was nice and even Ryan didn’t want to go anywhere and told me as we arrived there that this is boring,  he had a great time and had a hard time leaving at the end. We ate, talked, played games and sang songs. The pictures show his mood change.
I missed Dennis the most on that day. Not because I had 3 kids to watch as people were so gracious and helped all the time. Some watched Kevin as they were watching their own children, others took the boys to bathroom as I was busy feeding the baby, some hold the baby so I could participate in the games for parent-child, one dad even played in one game with Ryan so I can play with Kevin in the same game. Both boys wanted to play but I was the only parent for both so it was not possible.
I missed to share the day with him, and laugh and hold his hand and just be together. And of course to help me get there. I got lost as usually and took us a good 35 minutes to find that place.
Ryan said on the way there:”I wish daddy was here with us. I wish we could go together to the parade in Ashland. If he was here he will know the way and not driving in circles”. 


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