Friday, June 3, 2011

Visiting the Banya with Vanya

How would a trip to Siberia be complete without a visit to the Banya?
It felt good to be back in Russia after 5 years and see old friends and be reminded of all the things God did among us 10 years ago. It was good to spend time with several families, like the Krapivins.. 
We took a walk in the forest near their house. I was curious how far we could go before running into more civilization. Ivan guessed about 300 miles. We found this little nest of blue eggs, with the mother bird chirping worriedly nearby.  They heated up the banya to 120 C (123F) and we sweated it out. Ivan says it is a good reminder that hell is a lot hotter. 

The temperature got up to 120C which is over 200F. 
The felt hats are to keep your brains from boiling.

Now the kids are cooling down by submerging in a barrel of cold water.  Brrrh!

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