Wednesday, June 15, 2011

At the airport

We took Dennis to airport this morning. The boys were so much fun. Kevin wanted to go with daddy. Ryan wanted to go just to see daddy’s airplane. We arrived home after a little adventure. First I remember that you pay the parking at a booth as you exit the parking area. Wrong! You should pay it at an automatic booth before. Great! Even that on that machine it is written than it take any bills it doesn’t take anything of a higher value of $2. People were so nice with me as I was scrambling to my wallet to find smaller bills, or it was just the sight of me with a baby on my hip and another one holding my dress and the third one asking me “what is wrong mommy?”. Anyway I managed to pay, get out and here is the funny part: 2 signs for M0 the freeway I need to take back but they go in different direction and how I suppose to know which exit is mine!?!? And of course I took the wrong MO direction and guess what… I ended up again at the airport.
Ryan is talking in the back seat “Wow, we are already back! Why we came back so fast? Where are we going mommy?”
This time I took the right exit and we arrived home fine. Of course Ryan wanted to know at what time daddy is flying. “11am” Ryan was telling us that he hopes daddy is flying over our house so we can see his airplane. We went outside and looked at the sky for 10 minutes at 11 am but we didn’t see any airplane. Ryan got an explanation: “ I am guessing he is not flying over our house. And I know why! Because that would be the wrong direction. He need to fly to Germany so this way is not Germany”. With this explanation we went inside and everybody seemed happy even they missed to wave goodbye to daddy as they planned.
Of course now I am in charge to tell Ryan at what time daddy is flying from Germany. And I have another assignment tonight from Ryan. “We need to have dinner at the same time daddy is having dinner in the airplane, so we can all eat in the same time” This one is quite hard for me to figure out so I am guessing at 6pm is right time.
Missing Dennis’ lots even he is gone just for few hours. 

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