Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Valuable lessons

I would love to write more and often but life was too busy on my end. Dennis was gone for 14 days with 3 days between which also were packed with meetings and a conference here in Budapest. He arrived in the afternoon of the day we left for my brother wedding.

I was too busy to stay and write my thoughts. I was also pretty tired. I woke up every day at 5.30 to be able to have time alone with God and be ready before the boys were up. I needed to have Ryan ready before 8 am when a friend came to pick him up for school. Some days I was the one driving to school and get 3 kids fed and in the car before 8 am wasn’t easy. But we had fun as well. We had picnics, had family time without daddy, played games, candle light dinner, laugh and of course we counted down on how many days till daddy is home.

I learned some valuable lessons:

1. Having time with my Father before everyone else is up it helped me to focus my heart and attitude. These 3 boys are my main disciples and I want for them to see Jesus in me.

 2. I am not the only one who miss Dennis. The boys are missing him too and as hard it is on me to be without him it is the same hard on them without him. Kevin came almost every morning in my bedroom asking “where is daddy?”

3. Keeping busy it helps not feel overwhelmed with loneliness. I got a chance to clean closets, wash winter coats, sort clothes, sew buttons.

4. Keeps meals simple and have plenty of time for playing with the boys.

5. Keep the family nights as if Dad is home (we went to a picnic and a playground for one of the family evenings and the other one we watch a kids movie and talk about it)

6. Love them, laugh with them and give them plenty of hugs. Don’t let them or you go to bed upset or angry.

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