Thursday, March 3, 2011

PJ's Day

Will you wear your pajamas to work?
The school that Ryan is in for kindergarten had a funny week. Each day suppose to do something unusual. It started on Monday when you come to school in your pajamas. Ryan was talking all the weekend about that. He could wait to wear his pajamas to school. We got couple of pictures to prove it. Enjoy. The sad part id that Ryan got sick with flu and missed all the other days: crazy hat, crazy hair, dressing like a favorite character... He was sick and not feeling well for 3 weeks. Now I got my happy boy back and we are laughing a lot as this week is Dr Seuss’ week at kindergarten. We are reading a lot of silly books.

 Kids in his class

First grade class


Kevin is talking all the time and he likes to repeat what we say or Ryan says. His favorite word is: Enough! He is still fond of Nathan and is on top of him every time I put him down. He is not understanding very well the word “gentle” so is trying to play with Nathan as if he is a toy. 

Nathan is growing up a lot. He is not even 6 month old but is wearing 9 month old clothes. He is a squeaking delight. He is very fascinated with daddy and he loves to be hold by daddy.

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