Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas time

We had a great Christmas. It was the first one we spent alone since we married. We were even with my parents or Dennis' parents or with our team when we lived in Russia (as Christmas is not celebrated on 25th there).
It was very good and relaxing for me. I got plenty of time with the boys to play and have fun with them. I could remember the times I was a child and we had Christmas as a family. I remember how my dad will send us in the bathroom and he will call us when Santa will come. All the time he will let the door open a little at he balcony...how else Santa can get in!.. He use to ring a bell and we will rush out quickly to see Santa. But he was very quick so we never got a glimpse of him. It was fun a lot of chuckling as we wait to be called.
We always opened our gifts on the 24th evening. In Dennis' family the gifts were open on the 25th morning. So our family tradition is most gifts are open on 24th evening and one more need to be open on the 25th morning.
I had fun now being on the parent side and watch my boys opening gifts. It is a privilege to see their excitement and anticipation of what is behind that wrapping paper.
We had plenty of time to play, do puzzle, read stories, watch movies and of course eat lots and lots of goodies.

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