Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ryan's kindergarten

Ryan loves to go to kindergarten. Every time we drive by the school where Ryan is, Kevin call out from the back of the car full of enthusiasm “Ryan’s school”.
He has 2 other boys that are Americans and they are buddies. I am not sure how much is on their side but Ryan calls them his friends.  So far it is a great fit for Ryan and we are happy that we chose the English kindergarten for him. He is blooming being able to talk with other kids and be able to understand everything.
He comes home singing new songs he learned, talking about recess, retelling me the stories he heard, showing me his drawing. He is in the 100 Club. This means that he is able to count to 100. He is funny and eager to have more homework J. He is waking up every day looking forward for the “school day”. We are grateful for the privilege we have to have him in a Christian school. Bellow are some picture for you to enjoy.
By the way this is the “Christmas month -every day is Christmas”-says Ryan. More about the advent in the next post.

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