Monday, December 20, 2010


This is our topic of discussion in our family for the last 3 weeks.  I did an advent calendar as well. It is a good reminder for the boys how long we still need to wait till Christmas.
But also advent in Latin means coming.  So we are looking for the coming of Christmas but also we talked with the boys that advent is much more than waiting for the holiday of Jesus being born on the earth.  We are looking forward to His second coming. We had a great time discussing that Jesus will come back again but not as a baby anymore but as  Powerful King. Ryan asked me one night “When is He coming back? How many days till He is coming?” So I told him that we don’t know when but we are expecting Him to come any day. The longer the waiting the greater will be the joy to see Him.

Of course the boys are looking to open their presents wrapped under the tree. It is normal and fun. We decided to put their presents under the tree very early this year as a reason to teach them about waiting. In my family the presents “appeared” under the tree just on Christmas Eve. I want for them to experience anticipation and longing, to see what is inside each box, and the analogy that we as Christians should long for the return of Christ.
We are counting the days until Christmas and the boys are doing fine on not trying to open any of the presents. Of course they are looking at them every evening and Ryan and Kevin are still arranging the boxes under the tree.  I keep one candle in the middle of our dining room table and we lite it every night. I ask them, “why is that candle there?” Ryan had some cute answers “To give us light. That you and daddy can have a romantic dinner. For Kevin to have something to blow out at the end of the meal…” We again explained to them that it is helping to remind us that Christmas is not just about gifts and good food and cookies but it is about Jesus. He is the center of our holiday.

Gifts are fun and we are thankful for them. It reminds us that the magi brought gifts to Jesus when He was born. This year Dennis will go with Ryan to an orphanage. Our church and the school that Ryan is attending will go there and deliver gifts to the children. We want for Ryan to experience more on the side of giving not just receiving gifts. I am praying for good weather so all could drive there safely. I wish I could go but it will be hard focusing on the kids having a baby in my arms. So on Thursday if you remember pray for all that will go to the orphanage.

I told Dennis that I miss hearing about the coming of the Lord at church.  Then Dennis was asked to preach. Without realizing when he was scheduled to preach he decided to prepare a sermon on that topic. The day he preached was exactly the first Sunday of Advent. What a great way to start the season. Please make time a listen to his sermon here:

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