Friday, November 26, 2010


We had a great time for Thanksgiving. Our dear friends Tommy and Dana decided to invite us and another family to their place. This was perfect as Ryan’s best friend is Aaron – Dana’s boy.  Also the other family has 2 girls and one of them is in the same class with Dana’s girl. The fun part is that Karen is Ryan’s teacher. What a great time to get to know her outside of school. So we had 6 adults and 8 kids. Anna who is Dana’s girl was excited because when we see each other she is surrounded by boys. She has 2 younger brothers and Kevin is very fond of her.

We had tons of food, more than we could eat, lots of sweets, and a very sweet fellowship. We shared reasons for thanksgiving that day and we enjoyed each other company. The kids listen to Karen as she told them couple of stories about Thanksgiving and enjoyed her yummy “pilgrims’ hats”.
Here are my top 3 reasons of thanks:
1.       I am thankful for God who is lavishes me with his love every single day. He is never bored or tired of me. He is always there for me and the more I get to know Him the more I am in love with Him.
2.       I am thankful for my sweet husband. He is a great companion and it is a joy to have him around. He has a heart for God and is very kind and gentle.
3.       I am thankful for our 3 cute boys.
Ryan is very smart kid and he is full of imagination. He can play pretend with the most ordinary toys. He loves to sing and can make a song for every thing he has or see. He loves to laugh and he likes any books with silly stories.
Kevin is a talker. He is a full of energy, loves to climb on anything that is dangerous. He loves to play in the water- so no surprise why our water bill is so high-. He is echoing Dennis’ prayers at the meals every single time. He loves to wrestle with daddy and it is very enthusiastic to have dad home.
Nathan is a very calm and patient baby. He loves to eat and smile. He likes mom (he knows where the “bread and butter” comes from) and wants mom to hold him as much as possible.

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