Friday, November 26, 2010


We had a great time for Thanksgiving. Our dear friends Tommy and Dana decided to invite us and another family to their place. This was perfect as Ryan’s best friend is Aaron – Dana’s boy.  Also the other family has 2 girls and one of them is in the same class with Dana’s girl. The fun part is that Karen is Ryan’s teacher. What a great time to get to know her outside of school. So we had 6 adults and 8 kids. Anna who is Dana’s girl was excited because when we see each other she is surrounded by boys. She has 2 younger brothers and Kevin is very fond of her.

We had tons of food, more than we could eat, lots of sweets, and a very sweet fellowship. We shared reasons for thanksgiving that day and we enjoyed each other company. The kids listen to Karen as she told them couple of stories about Thanksgiving and enjoyed her yummy “pilgrims’ hats”.
Here are my top 3 reasons of thanks:
1.       I am thankful for God who is lavishes me with his love every single day. He is never bored or tired of me. He is always there for me and the more I get to know Him the more I am in love with Him.
2.       I am thankful for my sweet husband. He is a great companion and it is a joy to have him around. He has a heart for God and is very kind and gentle.
3.       I am thankful for our 3 cute boys.
Ryan is very smart kid and he is full of imagination. He can play pretend with the most ordinary toys. He loves to sing and can make a song for every thing he has or see. He loves to laugh and he likes any books with silly stories.
Kevin is a talker. He is a full of energy, loves to climb on anything that is dangerous. He loves to play in the water- so no surprise why our water bill is so high-. He is echoing Dennis’ prayers at the meals every single time. He loves to wrestle with daddy and it is very enthusiastic to have dad home.
Nathan is a very calm and patient baby. He loves to eat and smile. He likes mom (he knows where the “bread and butter” comes from) and wants mom to hold him as much as possible.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday adventure

What a beautiful day! Sunshine, pretty warm. A great day to be outside. So we decided to go to a nearby village to get a nice walk and look for walnuts. I know it is too late in the season but that village has walnuts tree 2 meter apart on every single street. We stopped first at a store to buy a few more things and then we arrived in the walnut area. Nathan is sleeping in the car seat. First I don’t want to wake him up as he will think he needs to nurse. So Dennis takes Ryan and Kevin out and locks the car and hands me the keys. I am quite tired as I woke up a  lot last night with a nursing baby and another one who had bad dreams. I stayed inside the car for a little but it is so nice outside so I decided that I better get out and walk too. I open the door and it is so warm outside. I take my coat off as I want to get the front pack on (baby carrier), throw the coat on the front seat and get ready to get the baby. In a split second I push my door closed. OOPS!

The moment I hear the sound of the door I realize that the car key are in my coat pocket. I locked the key and the baby in the car. I panicked. Check my pants pockets in a desperate attempt to find keys. I try all the doors hoping for a miracle. Nothing. Dennis is still close and I wave to him to come back. Ryan is coming too and I tell him. I am scared. What to do now. It will take 5-6 hours even to walk home. Ryan picked up my emotions and started to cry. He is panicked and is bawling “the baby, the baby… I need to go to the bathroom… I am hungry… We will starve here and the baby will die… What we will do?….”

Dennis suggested we pray. Dennis had a cell phone with him. Mine is in the coat which is staying nice in the car. People pass and wonder about us and Ryan is attracting a lot of attention.  Dennis started to call some of our colleagues who live in that village. One is in a meeting, one is driving to a student retreat and is outside of Budapest already, the other one is not home. Ryan is pouring tears and I can’t comfort him. “no one will come…We will be here forever…   I need a bathroom…  the baby mommy, the baby… what will we do??? “. I am already thinking about breaking a window. Where will I find a rock, I have no idea. Ryan said: “ we should pray”. I am asking right now that the baby stay asleep a little longer. I can’t stay watching him cry inside because he is hungry. It is not so hot outside anymore but Nathan is in a car seat with a blanket on him. As we pray I see Nathan open his eyes and start to cry, for a few seconds and he is back asleep. 

Our last solution is my friend Dana. Dennis tried her husband but he is not answering. (We found out later that he was in an exam. He took a financial course and now was the final exam). Dana lives close to our house. She is home alone with her 3 small children. We call Dana and she agrees to go to our house to get our other car keys and we are praying that our neighbor is home. The neighbor has a key from our house. If Eva is not home than Dana will need to come pick up Dennis, drive to our house, and then back to us to rescue us.

Dana is amazing. She got all 3 kids in her car in couple of minutes and called us from our house to direct her to where the other set of car keys are. She then came in 15 minutes and rescued us.  Ryan was asking me every couple of seconds if the 15 minutes passed. “what if she is getting lost? What if she will never find us?” I never was happier to see those car keys.  Ryan is beaming now. He suggested on the way back: ”Next time mom you better lock me and Nathan inside. I will open the car for you.”  I hope and pray there will never be a next time.