Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nathan is almost six weeks old. This was the most intense time in my life. The third is the easiest people said. Not till now...Life should get easier from now or at least this is my prayer. Nathan got jaundice in the second day of his life and that plus other things that are different here in the hospital make him very sleepy and not nursing. They gave him plain water with a bottle because he didn't have a wet diaper. He ate only twice in 24 hours so... Anyway I was glad to be out of the hospital with him. I didn't have any milk as he was not nursing more than couple of minutes. We went to the doctor at one week and his weight dropped farther 3750 g. (He was born with 4200g, he was 3800g when we left the hospital). We were very concerned and I worked hard to nurse him every 2 hours. After I would spend 1 hour trying to nurse him then I would spend more time pumping. He got also colic so it was the worst combination. I was exhausted. I could sleep even standing up. My parents were here so it was a great help.

At 2 weeks his weight was 3820g so the ordeal was not over. We worked hard to keep him awake to eat, nurse often even than 2 hours.
At 1 month his weight is 4400g. I feel I am getting out of the fog. He is cute and Kevin is very fond of him. He wants to hold Nathan and kiss him. The funniest thing is that now every time I sit down to nurse Nathan, Kevin is coming and sit down and says "Put Nate here" and he is pointing to his lap. Then he is lifting up his shirt and says" I'll do it. I'll do it".

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