Sunday, April 25, 2010


Last couple of weeks I went through a hard time.  I was praying and asking God why life is so hard here. Why Christians go through such painful times as we have a Father who deeply loves us. Why a parent should see his little one die? I prayed and prayed but it seems that the answer I expected never came.  Yes I know that Heaven is far better than the life here on earth but it is still painful. As I was struggling with all these questions and praying and spending extended time with my Lord I got an answer. It came on Sunday listening to our pastor preaching. So I decided to share with you too.

1.    Life here will be painful and hard for believers. Suffering is a part of our Christian life. “Those who want to live for Jesus Christ will suffer” Suffering can take different forms. From sickness, death, shattered dreams, persecution… but all is part of the same category: Suffering. As long as we want to live for our Lord than we will suffer. This was a great reminder for me and an awakening call not to lose sight and hope.

2.    Life here on this earth is not a promise that we will get all the blessings. Life here is just a shadow of what life in heaven will be. We live here for just a short time and then we will have all the eternity with God. “How foolish will be to say to God: if you don’t bless me now in this life time I am not interested. If you don’t bless me right now God you can forget it I am not interested”. Can we compare this short life with all the eternity? How many blessings await for us Home? We were created for that world. It is like a child in the womb who will want all that is good right there in that tight space. How much love, and hugs and kisses he will get when he is out of that place? But sometimes we act that all it is good need to come here in this life on the earth. It is not true.

No matter what you are going through right now, I hope you will be encouraged and comforted with the thoughts above.

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