Friday, January 15, 2010

Romania is wired!...5 girls = 5 computers

Ana went to visit two girls at the Politecnic university who had left comment cards from the Fitzuica magazine.  In the dorm room she found that 5 girls lived there and they had 5 computers (4 laptops).

During the conversation both girls continued to chat online using Yahoo messenger with friends, with no apparent difficulty maintaining multiple conversations simultaneously. Ionela was chatting with her best friend, she had met this boy online.  Petrutsa was chatting with friends back home in Constansta.

After the talk they exchanged IDs for Yahoo and AnaMaria was able to invite them via Yahoo to the Christmas party, providing links to maps.  She also gave them a link to, which has great articles and apologetics to understand why a relationship with God makes all the difference.

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