Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here we are again

We are back to locking kitchen cupboards. Kevin started to inspect and take out everything from my cupboards. He is fascinated with my pasta bags, rice, cans, dish soap, brushes, and knives. When Ryan was the same age he was in the pots and pans. Kevin doesn’t care about those. So we got again to lock some of the kitchen cabinets because he can dump out my bags as fast as can I blink my eyes. Wednesday was a hard day. The moment I turned my back on him… he was up to something. He climbed on the chair and from there on the kitchen table. He was on top of the table playing in Ryan’s glass of water. I put him down, giving a time out and the next thing he is again on the table now dumping the water out of the cup. Again down, time out. He left the kitchen and came back with a plastic chair to reach the sink now. Nothing to play with there so in a second he is up on the kitchen table again and took off the lid of his sippy cup and dump the water again all over. (This is his favorite bath) I took him down again; wondering how many times we will do this today. I changed him. I went to put some clothes to wash and heard Ryan calling “mom, mom” I ran downstairs and there was my junior who dumped a whole bag of cornmeal on the flour. We tried to clean it and next here came Kevin with a mop. I turned my back again.. went to put the mop back and then to shake the carpet out. I came back and there I found my sweet angel who went already upstairs and got the toilet brush and he is brushing my pillows from the couch. How he got up and down so fast, I don’t know. But I know that I didn’t close the bathroom door upstairs when I ran down trying to get some clothes to wash.

But tomorrow is another day…

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A glorious pumpkin

Halloween is not a holiday here in Hungary and honestly I don’t miss it. I am glad actually we don’t have to celebrate it. My little one got a cute bee costume from a friend and Ryan said “oh let’s have fun with Kevin and make him in a bee”. So here he is my cute little bee.
Ryan is growing up a lot and he loves books and loves us to read to him. So we read and read and read over again our books. So I got an idea one day and I went to asked at the International Christian School of Budapest if it is not a way I can buy a yearly pass for their library. I tried last year and I got a “no” because Ryan is not in their school. Ryan is only 4 so it is quite a long time till he will go to school. Bu this year the director said yes (I didn’t talk with him last year) so I went and paid for 1 year pass. This is great as allows me to check out 10 books at time for 2 weeks. So being there last time I tried to see what we can read for the fall. So I saw a cute book and turned to be a very good one. Is called the Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs and gives you a very new perspective about pumpkin carving.
It is about a farmer who grows vegetables in his farm but the best one are the pumpkins. He plants the seeds and then he wait and wait to get those big orange pumpkins. When the harvest comes he gets all these pumpkins and he has a special plan for his chosen pumpkins. He washes them, then he cuts a hole at the top of the pumpkin and cleans the squishy, stringy pulp from inside. Then the pumpkin gets a new face: 2 eyes, a nose and a big w-i-d-e smile. Then when the dark comes he puts a candle inside and now the pumpkin is glowing in the night. So when people come to the farmer porch and see the smiling pumpkin they smile back. And once again the farmer had turned a simple pumpkin into a glorious sight.
It is in the same way God transforms us from ordinary people to something glorious. So with this lesson in mind my boys got a change to enjoy a pumpkin.