Monday, September 21, 2009

Such a sweet moment

Ryan has a very good buddy. His name is Elephanty, and he is actually a stuffed elephant. He got it as present last Christmas in US (this was all he wanted and we prayed to find one as there were not anywhere in stores). Elephanty is sleeping in Ryan room in his own bed. Ryan made for him a bed in a toy box with couple of pillows.

We are in the habit that every night before bed Ryan gets a story from a book he chose and then we read the children Bible chronological. Last night I just finished reading to Ryan the Bible story and I was ready to tuck him in bed and pray for him when he jumped out of bed. What are you doing? I asked. He grabbed his Bible and sat on the toy box near Elephanty’s bed. He opened the Bible and started “to read”. “Here is Jesus see.. this is the picture and this man couldn’t stand or walk. His feet don’t work. Now Jesus says something and he is fixed. And tomorrow we will read this story. He flipped couple of pages to show to the elephant. Here Jesus is coming back but you will read about this tomorrow.” Then he is closing the Bible and said “thank you Jesus for giving us feet and help Elephanty to sleep well and have good dreams and be good…. Good night!!! “…with that he jumped in bed and said: “I am ready now.” It was such a sweet moment to watch.

Tonight Ryan got a Christmas book out. “I will read this to my Elephanty”. So he listened to Dennis reading the story and the Bible and then he went out of bed to read to his buddy. He made up the story about presents and reindeers. I don’t think he knows the story so he can’t tell it. Then he said” Now we need to read the Bible”. He got the Bible out and started: “ Here is Jesus and He is a baby. He was just born and he is right there. Now Jesus was growing up in the night. He was growing up in the night and here are all the animals. The donkeys … and here are the sheep and they say Baa baa. The sheep say just Baa, baa. Next time, he is turning the page we will see about Jesus he is growing more now and here are some camels, but next time about this.” Then he prayed: “thank you Father for the great dinner, for the fun soccer (he played soccer in the house running all over) and for the baseball (?!?!). Thank you for Elephanty. Amen!” Then he kissed his friend and said: “Good night Elephanty” and with a changed voice” good night!” Couple more kisses and then Ryan turned toward me and said:”Elephanty said good night and kissed me back!”
Ryan is sweet and adorable. I look at him and see how much he imitates us. Lord help us to be good models to him!


Anonymous said...

Amen to kids' understanding!
A bro in Christ,
& GMO volunteer,

esther said...

Oh Luiza- this was so special. How we pray that Ryan's heart will always be sensitive to the Lord and open to talking to Him! Loved reading this... smile.

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

A precious picture of your son. Record these wonderful times because you will forget them when he is grown if you don't.