Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Yesterday was Ryan's birthday! He turned 4 but if you asked him couple of times how old he is he could give you with each question a higher number! Four then six then he likes to say eight. I think he is growing very fast with each question:-)
We wanted to celebrate special this year. Instead of staying home and opening presents (more toys and cars that will be forgotten in a month), we thought to go somewhere. It was very hot so we knew the animals would be sleeping at the zoo. We needed to find something on the shady side.
So we went to the children's train. It is a beautiful 45 minute ride one way. On the way back we jumped out and went on a hike to a tower built in 1882. We could see all of Budapest. It was a hard hike on a hot afternoon but at the moment we reached the tower Ryan started to run up the steps to go all the way to the top. It is 527 meters tall and on top it was very windy. Ryan sang all the way back to the train even though it was 2pm and we had no lunch.

On the way home dark clouds appeared and as we ate lunch the wind was like a typhoon. Ryan enjoyed the indoor playground at the restaurant.

We are impressed with how much he changed in these 4 years. He started in the US as a 9.15 pounds baby. We moved to Russia when he was 2 months old. At 1 years old he moved to Hungary. His second birthday we celebrated in US getting to know his grandparents that he didn't remember. At 3 years old we moved in a new house which was quite hard for him. For a long time he told us "let's go home" and when we drove to that area he cried every time because he wanted to go to HIS house. He got a new brother which was hard to adjust to. Now he is a big boy. He talks, sings, plays, runs, bikes, helps in the kitchen and most of all laughs. His favorite word is "funny". Moms helps him inventing funny stories about "the elephant who got his trunk stuck in the fridge" or the "bunny who slipped on the banana peel" or the "fish who is wearing pink pajamas".... Life is an adventure at his age and we enjoy him a lot!

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