Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vienna and Bratislava

Our friends Tommy & Dana have guests from US. A nice couple from their home church in Atlanta and they plan to visit around. So we decided to join them for a trip to Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia. So Monday at 9 am we started our adventure. We took Kevin with us as he is still nursing and we let Ryan with my friend’ kids. Ryan was excited to have a whole day “to have fun playing with cars and trains with my friend Aaron”. Aaron is 7 month younger than Ryan and he is a very sweet boy.

The moment we reached the freeway started to rain. And rain all the way to Vienna. We didn’t want to give up so armed with umbrellas we started to walk. I don’t need to mention that we got soaked. The rain was coming from all the direction because it was so windy. For those from Oregon… Do you know that in Vienna is a kind of rose named “mount Shasta”? After couple of hours to walk admiring different buildings in Vienna we were so happy to get back in the car put the heat on to try to dry our wet clothes and to get warm and off we went to Bratislava. Of course it was rainy there as well. We stop at a coffee place to get hot chocolate. Dennis and I changed our mind and because is still summer even it was cold and rainy we got ice cream. But when my friend Tommy got his hot chocolate surprise. His chocolate look more like a fondue. It was very thick like they melted some chocolate bar or some pudding. We laugh a lot as he needed his wife cappuccino to diluted down his miraculous drink. So we were glad with our choice of ice cream. Then we decided to hike to the Burg Castle. What a beautiful view. There on the top we spent some time praying for the city and for the Slovak people to come to know Jesus.

For me was very nice and somehow romantic. It reminded me of a similar cold, rainy day of June, 7 years ago when a cute man proposed me in the Red Square Moscow. I enjoyed the day and driving home was very challenging. We could feel the van sliding sideways on the road. We were glad and thankful to arrive home safe.

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