Thursday, May 28, 2009

Buni and Bunicu visit from Brasov Romania

My parents didn’t see our boys since Kevin was born. We were gone to US for 3 months and when we returned I mentioned to them to come and see the boys. Kevin is 9 months old and this is the most fun age to see him. He still loves to be held but also is quite mobile crawling all over. I encouraged them to come and help with a project (make a brick patio outside).
Ryan had the best time in his life. He got up quite early (6am) to go down to play with Bunicu. They made a tent from blankets and then there with my dad was playing cars inside the tent. The second morning my parents were here Ryan woke up at 5 am ready to go to play with Bunicu (Grandpa). So I needed to go and stay with him to be sure he is not waking up people to play.
Kevin got plenty of attention which he loves. He was sick the whole time and shared the wealth with them. Both my parents got an awful cold. But with all of this we finished the patio.

When they left Tuesday evening I thought to take the boys to the train station to say Good bye and see the trains. Ryan was quite upset the whole afternoon when he saw my parents packing. We got in the car and he started to cry. Between sobs he will say: “I will miss Buni and Bunicu” Why they go home? They don’t need to go home” “They will come back tomorrow?” All my ideas to get him cheerful didn’t help. We arrived and he was happy to see the trains. But when they got in the train he started again. He was so sad and upset that I decided to go before the train left otherwise would be more difficult for him. We hopped in the car and we went to pick up Dennis at his office. Ryan cried a little bit and asked why and why and why Buni left. We had dinner together and Ryan was upset now and said "I don’t want to see Buni and Bunicu anymore”. This is his way to say when he desires something so much but can’t have it.

Yesterday I took again Kevin to the pediatrician as he is still coughing after 3 weeks. When we came home Ryan ran in the back yard. “he came back quick and said: ”Bunicu is not there. Is he came back yet?” I explained again that we will see them in the summer. But the notion of time is hard to grasp for him. I told him yesterday to play in the tent with me but he said “no this is just for me and Bunicu”.

So we are looking forward to Buni and Bunicu visit again in July.

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