Friday, February 6, 2009

what I will miss from US (Luiza)

1. All the church opportunities from here (home groups, women bibles studies, lunches with different groups at church, parenting classes, possibility to help with church outreaches, retreats with believers….)
2. Going to a playground where you can understand everybody and your child can communicate with other kids
3. Being able to listen to the radio to the Christian stations 24/7
4. Mexican food and especially the corn tortillas
5. The thrift stores where you can buy very good clothes
6. The possibility to buy clothes for my husband (Tall)
7. The houses not being surrounded by fences
8. Being around my sweet in-laws
9. The possibility to buy any veggies or fruits even it’s not the season for them
10. The friendliness of people who say hi to you in the street even they don’t know you
11. Nice freeways
12. Big redwoods trees
13. Finding any supplies for crafts at affordable prices
14. Cheerios
15. The greeters at the doors of the stores
16. The trust in the fairness of people (self check lines)
17. Being overwhelmed at Christian bookstore with all the books, DVD, gifts
18. Seeing old people eating out in the fast-food restaurants
19. The easiness of driving an automatic car
20. Being able to return things to the store

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Lunette said...

Thanks for reminding me of all the wonderful things I enjoy in America.