Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hungry? Here is a good meal

  I thought the message at our church in Budapest this morning was like a good meal and thought you would enjoy it as well.  Here is the link.  It is about 30-40 minutes, begins with a Christmas song from Madagascar, then looks at the quest in Matthew 2, Tolkien, Tolstoy, and others.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


“It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart” Anonymous

We had a nice relaxed weekend. We got together for Thanksgiving with dear friends here in Budapest. We enjoyed the meal but most of all the good conversation.
I am still thinking about Thanksgiving so for this reason I didn’t get out my Christmas decorations yet. I want to linger couple more days on Thanksgiving before I switch to Christmas.
What I am thankful for?
I have so many reasons. From health to a loving husband, 2 cute boys, friends, food, a house to live, a peaceful country to worship in freedom, loving parents and relatives, and many more reasons.

I am thankful most of all for having a Father. I am grateful to be His child and not just a child but an heir with Jesus. Wow! I am amazed to be call to be God’s child but to be an heir is more than I can imagine!!! I don’t deserve anything. I am glad that I am saved but God went a step further and prepared for us an inheritance. What a great God and Father we have! I am looking forward to the day when my “Thank you Father” will be uttered in His presence. Till that day I am thankful to be here and serve Him every single day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here we are again

We are back to locking kitchen cupboards. Kevin started to inspect and take out everything from my cupboards. He is fascinated with my pasta bags, rice, cans, dish soap, brushes, and knives. When Ryan was the same age he was in the pots and pans. Kevin doesn’t care about those. So we got again to lock some of the kitchen cabinets because he can dump out my bags as fast as can I blink my eyes. Wednesday was a hard day. The moment I turned my back on him… he was up to something. He climbed on the chair and from there on the kitchen table. He was on top of the table playing in Ryan’s glass of water. I put him down, giving a time out and the next thing he is again on the table now dumping the water out of the cup. Again down, time out. He left the kitchen and came back with a plastic chair to reach the sink now. Nothing to play with there so in a second he is up on the kitchen table again and took off the lid of his sippy cup and dump the water again all over. (This is his favorite bath) I took him down again; wondering how many times we will do this today. I changed him. I went to put some clothes to wash and heard Ryan calling “mom, mom” I ran downstairs and there was my junior who dumped a whole bag of cornmeal on the flour. We tried to clean it and next here came Kevin with a mop. I turned my back again.. went to put the mop back and then to shake the carpet out. I came back and there I found my sweet angel who went already upstairs and got the toilet brush and he is brushing my pillows from the couch. How he got up and down so fast, I don’t know. But I know that I didn’t close the bathroom door upstairs when I ran down trying to get some clothes to wash.

But tomorrow is another day…

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A glorious pumpkin

Halloween is not a holiday here in Hungary and honestly I don’t miss it. I am glad actually we don’t have to celebrate it. My little one got a cute bee costume from a friend and Ryan said “oh let’s have fun with Kevin and make him in a bee”. So here he is my cute little bee.
Ryan is growing up a lot and he loves books and loves us to read to him. So we read and read and read over again our books. So I got an idea one day and I went to asked at the International Christian School of Budapest if it is not a way I can buy a yearly pass for their library. I tried last year and I got a “no” because Ryan is not in their school. Ryan is only 4 so it is quite a long time till he will go to school. Bu this year the director said yes (I didn’t talk with him last year) so I went and paid for 1 year pass. This is great as allows me to check out 10 books at time for 2 weeks. So being there last time I tried to see what we can read for the fall. So I saw a cute book and turned to be a very good one. Is called the Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs and gives you a very new perspective about pumpkin carving.
It is about a farmer who grows vegetables in his farm but the best one are the pumpkins. He plants the seeds and then he wait and wait to get those big orange pumpkins. When the harvest comes he gets all these pumpkins and he has a special plan for his chosen pumpkins. He washes them, then he cuts a hole at the top of the pumpkin and cleans the squishy, stringy pulp from inside. Then the pumpkin gets a new face: 2 eyes, a nose and a big w-i-d-e smile. Then when the dark comes he puts a candle inside and now the pumpkin is glowing in the night. So when people come to the farmer porch and see the smiling pumpkin they smile back. And once again the farmer had turned a simple pumpkin into a glorious sight.
It is in the same way God transforms us from ordinary people to something glorious. So with this lesson in mind my boys got a change to enjoy a pumpkin.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Such a sweet moment

Ryan has a very good buddy. His name is Elephanty, and he is actually a stuffed elephant. He got it as present last Christmas in US (this was all he wanted and we prayed to find one as there were not anywhere in stores). Elephanty is sleeping in Ryan room in his own bed. Ryan made for him a bed in a toy box with couple of pillows.

We are in the habit that every night before bed Ryan gets a story from a book he chose and then we read the children Bible chronological. Last night I just finished reading to Ryan the Bible story and I was ready to tuck him in bed and pray for him when he jumped out of bed. What are you doing? I asked. He grabbed his Bible and sat on the toy box near Elephanty’s bed. He opened the Bible and started “to read”. “Here is Jesus see.. this is the picture and this man couldn’t stand or walk. His feet don’t work. Now Jesus says something and he is fixed. And tomorrow we will read this story. He flipped couple of pages to show to the elephant. Here Jesus is coming back but you will read about this tomorrow.” Then he is closing the Bible and said “thank you Jesus for giving us feet and help Elephanty to sleep well and have good dreams and be good…. Good night!!! “…with that he jumped in bed and said: “I am ready now.” It was such a sweet moment to watch.

Tonight Ryan got a Christmas book out. “I will read this to my Elephanty”. So he listened to Dennis reading the story and the Bible and then he went out of bed to read to his buddy. He made up the story about presents and reindeers. I don’t think he knows the story so he can’t tell it. Then he said” Now we need to read the Bible”. He got the Bible out and started: “ Here is Jesus and He is a baby. He was just born and he is right there. Now Jesus was growing up in the night. He was growing up in the night and here are all the animals. The donkeys … and here are the sheep and they say Baa baa. The sheep say just Baa, baa. Next time, he is turning the page we will see about Jesus he is growing more now and here are some camels, but next time about this.” Then he prayed: “thank you Father for the great dinner, for the fun soccer (he played soccer in the house running all over) and for the baseball (?!?!). Thank you for Elephanty. Amen!” Then he kissed his friend and said: “Good night Elephanty” and with a changed voice” good night!” Couple more kisses and then Ryan turned toward me and said:”Elephanty said good night and kissed me back!”
Ryan is sweet and adorable. I look at him and see how much he imitates us. Lord help us to be good models to him!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Romanian rest area - follow the TP trail

Most of our 13 hour drive home was on a 2 lane road like this. There are no restrooms along the way, just rest areas like this where you follow the trail of TP into the forest. Trash is everywhere. We tried to eat in the car as it was raining. Along the way Ryan tossed his cookies in the backseat, we passed 5 car wrecks, and stopped for 4 trian crossings. Fortunately it didn't rain the whole way and if you avoid the official rest areas you can visit some nice places (just no restrooms).
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Romanian Staff Conference

I was impressed with how many of our CCC staff here speak English. All the staff members here are Romanian but only 10% needed headsets for translation when someone spoke in English. I needed translation often from Romanian and many people were able to help with that.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Journey Home from Austria

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What a highlight to enjoy 4 days in beautiful Austria. It was only 5 hours away. It was so nice to use a friend's van instead of driving 2 cars. These built in child seats are pretty neat.

Walking Lessons - day 4 in Austria

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Yesterday was Ryan's birthday! He turned 4 but if you asked him couple of times how old he is he could give you with each question a higher number! Four then six then he likes to say eight. I think he is growing very fast with each question:-)
We wanted to celebrate special this year. Instead of staying home and opening presents (more toys and cars that will be forgotten in a month), we thought to go somewhere. It was very hot so we knew the animals would be sleeping at the zoo. We needed to find something on the shady side.
So we went to the children's train. It is a beautiful 45 minute ride one way. On the way back we jumped out and went on a hike to a tower built in 1882. We could see all of Budapest. It was a hard hike on a hot afternoon but at the moment we reached the tower Ryan started to run up the steps to go all the way to the top. It is 527 meters tall and on top it was very windy. Ryan sang all the way back to the train even though it was 2pm and we had no lunch.

On the way home dark clouds appeared and as we ate lunch the wind was like a typhoon. Ryan enjoyed the indoor playground at the restaurant.

We are impressed with how much he changed in these 4 years. He started in the US as a 9.15 pounds baby. We moved to Russia when he was 2 months old. At 1 years old he moved to Hungary. His second birthday we celebrated in US getting to know his grandparents that he didn't remember. At 3 years old we moved in a new house which was quite hard for him. For a long time he told us "let's go home" and when we drove to that area he cried every time because he wanted to go to HIS house. He got a new brother which was hard to adjust to. Now he is a big boy. He talks, sings, plays, runs, bikes, helps in the kitchen and most of all laughs. His favorite word is "funny". Moms helps him inventing funny stories about "the elephant who got his trunk stuck in the fridge" or the "bunny who slipped on the banana peel" or the "fish who is wearing pink pajamas".... Life is an adventure at his age and we enjoy him a lot!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Swimming lessons

One of the teachers from the English school is also a swimming instructor so in the summer she offers classes to the children. We tried it last year but it didn't work. Ryan was not cooperating. But this year as he is almost 4 we decided to give it a try again. The good part is that the pool is very close to where we live a 25 minutes walk. The hard part is to get Ryan excited about swimming. He is afraid of water especially he doesn't want to put his face in the water. What kind of swimming is that if you don't get your face wet?! Anyway he is happy to be in the water as long as he doesn't need to blow bubbles or put the face in the water. Below are more pictures from yesterday's swimming lessons.

Today was a hard day as the weather turned cold. There was no sun and the water was freezing cold. He was shivering a lot. After the class he wanted me go in the pool to help him practice more. Wow! That was very cold water. We didn't survive more than 10 minutes. We came home and after a warm soup we both took a good nap. We deserved it!!!