Friday, December 12, 2008

Life is never boring on our end!

After misplacing Kevin ticket… maybe Scrooge took it when we were asleep…
We didn’t find some lost items from last month either even we search our entire house. The mystery is continuing here.

We didn’t find it but we got more acquainted with people who work for United airline and also got to see more of the Lufthansa website. Anyway we are on our way tomorrow morning 6 am.

As I mentioned our life is not dull here. The Budapest airport is on strike!!! Couldn’t they find a better time? I am guessing not. Maybe is more nice to sit home than be outside in a freezing weather to direct the planes. But for a strike there is good news and a bad side of it. The good news is that the airport is open and there are some flights that will depart. Which one? It’s a secret. You need to go there in person to find that answer.
The bad part is even your flight is going you will leave with a delay from 30 minutes to 1 hour. What about our connection in Frankfurt? Maybe they can catapult us in the next flight. Or maybe we will get bump in the 1st class. (This is my dream … but I doubt that they will like us there with a baby..)
So this is an opportunity for more prayers on our side. Please pray with us!

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