Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Life at a high speed (I could get a ticket maybe)

We have just 5 more days till we are leaving for US. So I try to get everything done in those 5 days. I still need to finish packing but…

Packing with 2 kids around is not easy. Ryan wants to help but his idea of packing is different than mine. Also he wants some clothes to pack that are not for winter. He still thinks he can wear short pants in the frost. Also anything you put in the suitcase is out when you leave the room because Ryan is checking on what you put in the suitcase. Or the best scenario is with any thing you pack in the suitcase is coming a question “What is this mommy?” And is fun for the first 10 times to answer the same question (even your child know what are the names for those things) but then is not fun at all I guarantee. Also I need to pack things in Kevin room when he is not asleep and he does not want to be hold. So I feel that I need to move super fast. Also I need to move fast to guess as well how much he will grow up in the next 3 months. So I packed a couple of things then Kevin decided that if mommy is around he wants to be held. Holding is okay but he likes to chomp on my hand as well. So I offer my arm better. He is at the drooling stage so my left sleeve is soaking wet.

Yesterday I took Ryan to give him a hair cut and it was a circus. It was my hair appointment but Hungarians are very nice with kids. Kids are the main attraction every place you go. They don’t need to be just babies any child will find a grandma or a grandpa in a store who will entertain your child for you as you try to find your food. So I took Ryan in, left Dennis with Kevin who was asleep in car. So all the ladies are happy to see a child and talked to him in Hungarian. Ryan is smiling to them. I start to prepare him and calm him. His turn came for a haircut so then we had a crisis. He started screaming mommy, mommy mommy HEELP!. And the lady had not even touched him. He was just sitting in the chair. After more negotiations, bribes, and threats, I needed to give up. Dennis came and tried to convince him but to no avail. He jumped out of the chair and hung on daddy’s leg screaming Mommy help me! Just then he realized that was quite a long leg, not mom’s so he switched quickly: daddy let’s go!
I got my hair cut and walked to the office in high speed as I knew Kevin needed to nurse. He was happy to see me but the most happy was his dad who endured and hour of high volume screaming. I never felt more wanted in my own life.

Today I went with Kevin to his 4 month doctor appointment. I was the first one in line. Then more moms with children start coming. Everyone who came asked me who is the last in line. I don’t know Hungarian but I know the protocol. It was quite funny when the second person came and asked me even I was the only one waiting there. Then the third one came and asked me as well. Then the forth one did the same thing asking me again. So I start to point as my Hungarian is not coming. Other people are coming and asking me so from now I pay close attention to who is the last. Point my fingers there and there … I could become a traffic agent with all this motion. Some came and asked me where the doctor is. She just stepped out in another room so I did more signs.
Now time for more packing… Ryan is excited and is waiting to tell me what clothes I need to pack for myself…

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