Monday, September 8, 2008

One Month With Kevin

I never give a thought about how sweet is a night sleep. I took it for granted and enjoyed it till now. Now that I can’t have one I learned to appreciated more.
Having a newborn is quite a task. I remember the advice I got when Ryan was born. “Every time when the baby sleep you go to sleep as well” . Well… This is not so easy right now having Ryan in the team. But it is okay as this time will make me more grateful when I will get a full night sleep.
But also are some good things about having all this “awake time”. This gives me plenty of time to read. I need to turn on the light to feed Kevin otherwise he just gets a snack and goes to dreamland and then is up in an hour. So I need some drastic measures to keep him on task as well. Also I am so tired that I could fall asleep even in a chair but I am afraid of falling and hurting Kevin somehow so the light keeps me on duty as well. So I use all these time to read for myself not just the toddler’s stories. It is quite nice to have all this quiet time to read to think, to pray.
Honest I still wish to get a full night sleep :)

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