Friday, August 8, 2008

Strellman Kevin Paul is here! 8.8lbs on 08/08/08

(Hungarians put the last name first.) Strellman Kevin Paul is resting up after a rough journey at the Telki hospital in Hungary. His mom is worn out. Everybody is OK. All dad had to do was hold mom's hand, and eat her hospital lunch. Wow Luiza has a strong grip! Mom was curious to see the placenta and umbilical cord, which was whisked away in the US. He weighs 3.99 kilograms x 2.2 = 8.8 pounds, a little less than Ryan thankfully, but more than the 3.2 kg from last weeks ultrasound. Maybe 3.99 will be his grade point average.

Most of the attention came from the midwife, her doctor was busy seeing patients downstairs and ran up just as the head came out. The pediatrician was standing by to check out the baby and clean him up. He arrived at 11:45am on 08/08/08
Now Luiza and baby get to rest up at the hospital for the standard 4 days after a normal delivery.

Tomorrow brother Ryan will come to visit and ask his favorite question now, "What's that mommy?"

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Dan and Pat said...

Praise the Lord for the safe delivery of your new son! We rejoice with you!


Dan and Pat