Thursday, August 7, 2008

No baby yet, but 48 pounds of wheat

While Luiza was waiting for the doctor on Wednesday, I went back to the wheat field to glean some more. We carried home 48 pounds! That was just from this one little spill by the road. There was another spill but I ran out of plastic bags and they were not strong enough. Another car of people nearby seemed to be picking elderberries. It seems that Hungary is just full of free food laying around. In May we picked over 40 pounds of cherries from our tree and others. We saw other trees in our neighborhood that nobody picked.

This reminded me of Ruth and the instruction in the Old Testament to allow the poor to glean the fields during harvest. It makes sense that with a huge field and powerful tractors and paid drivers, you don't have time to pick up a spill with your fingers and then try to sift out the dirt. If it lays very long, it will spoil and attract rats. So as a gleaner I am providing an important service.

Another thought was the amount of effort it took to create those 48 pounds of wheat. It took a lot of seed to plant this, gasoline to power the tractors to turn up the soil, someone had to make those tractors and the combines. There was a huge investment. It is a shame to overfill the trucks so that they spill grain on the way to the buyer.

Are we just as careful in harvesting God's fields? Or does a lot of fruit get wasted because we are in a hurry? Do we take time to ask questions, to listen?

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Anonymous said...

I guess waisting wheat goes against your grain :) Dean