Friday, August 1, 2008

All Systems Are Go!

Today Dr. Varsanyi did an ultrasound and the baby is head down in position! Thank you God. Everything looks good. Contractions are becoming more frequent. She predicts the baby will come this weekend.

Isn't it encouraging to read how Jesus insisted that little children have access to Him? I would probably be like the disciples telling parents and children "go away". "Can't you see He just healed a lame man? They had to dig a hole in the roof and made a mess. Look at the long line of people waiting to see Jesus! Why should they wait while Jesus blesses your healthy child?"

When I read about the prayer requests of others (cancer, kidney problems, prison) my requests seem so small. But my God is sooo big! He is big enough to care about my smaller concerns (which seem big to me). "Be anxious for nothing, but instead pray about everything (with thanksgiving)."

How big is my heart to pray?

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