Monday, July 7, 2008

Hold Me Tight

That last blog entry was pretty sweet. Now you deserve to hear the rest of the story...

The 4th of July Ryan started with an eye that was swollen shut. Why? Unknown. Possibly a mosquito bite from 2 days before. This was a good chance to line up local pediatricians near our new home. It mostly went away by evening, and then was swollen again the next morning.

Now that is past and the 7th of July started at 1am with vomiting. This continued most of the night until about noon. No photos this time. Are you glad? ;-) Even in this night of little sleep there are some sweet spots. "Hold me tight." "I need a kiss."

I am sure thankful for the internet and being able to find home remedies for pedialyte to try and replenish his electrolytes. Can you believe this stuff?! Koolaid, Jello mix, all kinds of stuff that if I could get it, I could also find pedialyte. The best were from a missionary from Ecuador on a family forum. Water, sugar, salt, and a bit of orange juice. Simple.

Are we through with vomiting now? I hope so. He must have caught this from a friend in the sandbox on the 4th. It went through their entire family. How long do I wait until I find out if I get to experience the same? Oh God, hold me tight.

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