Monday, July 7, 2008

Being Observant, Being With Him

Being a mom is a lot of fun! This is my conclusion. I am looking at this little boy who is like a rose ready to bloom. He can find a lot of fun in everything. Taking water with his sand bucket from his little pool and pouring out on the grass is the most hilarious thing for him. I hear him giggling every couple of minutes.

Then there are the boats and other devices that can float (like my Tupperware). Then cars and trains are a big fascination. With books he has his own version of the stories. He has learned to be very observant. He looks at the pictures and sees things that I don’t pay attention to and he makes up his own story. He is fun. I am looking to him and see the joy in his eyes. Life is so fascinating for him and he wants to share it with me all the time. I hear hundred of times every day: “Mommy look, look! Mommy come see! Mommy play with Ryan please!” I can't refuse his sweet invitations, but he is looking for my presence almost all the time. Right now he brought his cars and is playing under my chair “to be with mommy”.

I am thinking about God and my relationship with him. Am I eagerly searching for Him all the time? Just to be in His presence, not just when I want something. Am I looking at His gifts with the same fascination of my child as he approaches life every day? Or do I forgot to enjoy and rejoice always and I see just the half empty part of the glass? I am so thankful to have this reminder every day that “every good and perfect gift is from above from the Father of lights”. And there are so many good gifts every day hidden in the picture that I don’t see. I forget to pay attention to and look for them.

Thank you Lord for teaching me to say “thank you” often as my boy says to me after every small thing I do for him.

Thank you Lord for this wonderful new day to live for you and to learn more about You and your love for me!

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