Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Green Pastures

Our Good Shepherd has provided a new place for us to camp, thank you for praying with us. This time we have a large green yard, 3 fruit trees, and wonderful furniture. We bought a house!
Here are the photos.
We had been looking for a place to rent, and not finding much. Wednesday evening Luiza was searching on the internet and called me upstairs, "Now here is a house that is worthwhile! It looks like it was decorated by Americans." The next day we called and went to visit. Sure enough, an American missionary family was leaving and eager to sell. On Good Friday we went back and made an offer and reached an agreement. Then that same evening we had the fun of going through the house shopping their furniture and appliances. We needed or could use most everything, which greatly simplified their lives and blessed us. Wow!

It has been wonderful dealing with Christian people. They take good care of things. We are able to move in by our deadline to move out, so don't have to move twice. I was born on Good Friday, they trusted Christ on Good Friday. It even comes with a baby gate for the little boy we are expecting (they used it to keep dogs upstairs).