Thursday, February 14, 2008

Remember Olga with the abusive husband?

Sergei & Lena with our Family Life ministry in Siberia and Russian Far East sent this update ---

We are grateful to you for you prayers about Olga and her family relationships. We were trying to think of a good way to help her and invited her to the music practices of our church worship team. That was a good opportunity to talk and pray with her. We have met 5 times with her in the last two months. We’ve had some difficult conversations, but we relied on God because we could not rely on our own strength. She made the decision not to fear physical abuse any more and tell her husband about her feelings. God has made a huge change in her consciousness and has brought peace and strength into her heart. She has taken responsibility to protect herself and her daughters from her husband’s arbitrary behavior. And even more: she is asking God in prayer to help her trust in Him.

She began practicing Biblical principles in the relationship with her husband. She has told him recently: “I won’t let you hurt me and the children!” when her drunken husband decided to have a fight with her again. The husband looked at her surprised and went to bed. After her older daughter saw that she came up to Olga and said: “Mummy, you did well! I am proud of you”. It’s great joy to see that Jesus is acting through Olga and is growing in her heart.

These events gave us a chance to talk with her about her personal relationships with Jesus. Many years ago she heard about Jesus and even prayed the prayer of faith. Now she is ready to revise and renew her relationships with Him. Please, pray that God would come into her heart.
We decided to change the strategy of ministering to married couples. We noticed that husbands in Ulan-Ude are less willing to come to seminars and Homebuilders groups. In order to invite new married couple to Homebuilders groups we started separate small groups for men and women where issues of being a husband/wife, father/mother would be discussed. We realized that men were more open at those kinds of meetings than if they had been at the meetings with their wives. At those meetings we discussed what it means to be a husband and father and we were able to invite non-Christian men who were planning to get married soon. Many of those men became my friends and friendship helps to overcome many difficulties in relationships. I am expecting God to change many of them and He is already changing their attitude towards marriage, the wife and women in general.

For example, Alexey said in one of the meetings: ”Why doesn’t anyone speak about that in church?” Many men started taking an active part in the lives of their families and ask their wives about their needs. And now many women come to us in order to bring their husbands to the meetings because they see changes in their friends’ husbands.

And one more thing: earlier we saw wives bringing their husbands to conferences and Homebuilders groups, now we see husbands looking for opportunities to help their wives have some free time from family cares in order to be able to attend Homebuilders groups.

Please pray about God’s break-through in the lives of those people, pray that He would make these men real leaders of their families. Today 12-20 men attend the men’s group in Ulan-Ude.

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