Sunday, January 27, 2008

Maciek & Kasia Michalowski

You could become partners with this great family serving in Poland and their ministry to students. Just get their email from one of these letters and tell them you would like to pray for them. Support their ministry by sending your check to CCCI and specify their account number (also on the letter).

At the students’ club - letter_may07.pdf (297.04 KB)

The recipe for happiness (Phil. 3,1) - letter_june07.pdf (250.1 KB)

Some mathematics - letter_september07.pdf (272.85 KB)

So everyone might hear… - letter_november07.pdf (284.98 KB)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

We have GREAT friends!

We have the privilege of working with some of the top Christian leaders in Eastern Europe & Russia. Over the next few months we want to introduce you to many of them by including their prayer letters in our blog.

Our very first is Marek & Ala from Poland. Marek is a regional director and so is often in our headquarters office in Budapest. We spoke today over lunch about the difficulties of raising personal support for national staff in Poland. Read their December letter.

Irek and Ewa Barela are reaching Polish Scientists and university professors. You can visit their website or Read their letter.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Save me from the fireman

This plea for prayer I translated from our Russian friends Sergei & Lena representing Family Life ministry in Siberia:

Please pray for Olga. Her husband is getting drunk more now that she is coming to our church. He says he hates her and the children, especially because she reads the Bible. In recent weeks he is beating her and doing it so that bruises aren't visible on her face and neck.

Olga is an English language teacher and tries to support herself and her two children, so she is working two jobs. Her husband is a fireman. For 24 hours he works and then he is with his friends behind a bottle of vodka. When he is home he gives his family no peace, especially at night. He harasses them and won't let them sleep. This is so terrible when a person has no safe place to go, when you can't defend yourself because your enemy is inside your own home.

Only 8 months ago God gave Olga a new daughter Dasha. She is a beautiful little blue eyed girl. She is growing and now she is able to observe all the horrors of her parents' relationship.
We have talked with Olga about the situation. We see that God has revealed to her her right to protect herself, especially in the presence of her daughters. She has determined to protect her children from the cruelty of their father.

Please pray for God to strengthen Olga and give her wisdom in these days when she is trying to bring godliness into her family. She is still very young in Jesus, she has gone to church only two months. But she is very strong in telling her colleagues about Jesus. It is important that she leaves no room in her heart for evil and anger to grow.

We are very thankful for your help. We hope that our Great Lord will protect His daughter in these difficult times.

In Christ,

Sergey & Lena Aleev

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