Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wow! Jesus Really Changes People

The highlight of my week was our church business meeting. Why? Because we welcomed 12 new people into our church here in Budapest, and all of them shared their stories, what God had done in their lives. Rick was first, sharing what it was like to be Hispanic, adopted into a German family in Wisconsin, a home which fell apart. His wife has a Japanese father and a Chinese/Hawaiian mother. They adopted children from Vietnam and China. They have a boy with cerebral palsy. They are from Oregon here on a business assignment.

Another shared how God rescued him out of Mormonism. When he finally met Christ, he was so hungry for God he read the New Testament in 2 weeks. His wife shared how all the traditions of Catholicism left her empty, until she read Romans.

The Hungarian couple shared how they first met, in a bar. Istvan shared how he had a big life, a big house, plenty of money (like on TV). His wife Izabella enjoyed the money but both were empty. He had a dream one night of finding his wife having an affair with his best friend, and this really upset him even though he had cheated on her many times. It turned out the dream was true. This started a time of searching which got to the point he couldn’t sleep at night. Finally he called a colleague to find out about God and agreed to meet him before work at 7am. Once they each met Jesus their priorities and lives have changed 180 degrees. I wish you could hear the whole story.

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