Thursday, December 6, 2007

Traveling with Tots

Luiza wrote up a great "how to" last night for our forum for CCC staff moms. I thought this would be a good place to share it with another audience....

As staff we travel more than most people. maybe you have tips for traveling with little ones. Here are mine:

1. Get a couple of new toys your child has never seen. Save one for the journey to your destination, and the other for the return trip.

2. Be sure that your child get's well rested for the trip (you too).

3. Be packed, so your last evening is normal, not frantic.

4. Talk with your child about the trip, but don't build up too much excitement that last evening.

5. Be positive about the place, and the people you will meet there.

6. Prepare a bag for your child that belongs just to him, his blanket, his toys, his change of clothes.

7. Don't make any radical plans for the trip, like this will be his time to do without a pacifier or to sleep in a real bed. This isn't the time to wean your child or get them used to being away from you for extended periods in childcare. Do your adjusting before or after the trip.

8. If you travel by car try to sit with your child part of the trip, read to him. Don't wait until they scream for attention.

9. Walk around every two hours with them (on the plane, or stop the car).

10. Bring some healthy snacks. Fresh fruit, veggies. Sugar intake will make them hyperactive and you miserable.

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